5 Must-See Places in Eastern Europe

5 Must-See Places in Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe certainly has a unique charm and charisma, with the many beautiful and breathtaking places hidden within the small towns, villages and cities.  Many of these places are once in a lifetime, fairytale, picturesque towns to visit.


Wroclaw, Poland

5 Must-See Places in Eastern Europe

Source: Where Would You Go

Commonly regarded as the prettiest town in Poland, Wroclaw is full of charm with bright and playful buildings and friendly locals giving you that small town feeling.

St Petersburg, Russia

5 Must-See Places in Eastern Europe

Source: The Telegraph

Once a city of tsars and full of endless fascination by way of Russian Royal history! The city has canals much larger than you see in Venice and the streets are full of incredible architecture that will leave you dizzy from straining your neck just to take it all in!

Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

5 Must-See Places in Eastern Europe

Source: worldofwanderlust.com

This charming little town is perhaps the single place in all of Europe that looks as if it has been ripped completely out of a fairytale book. The terracotta rooftops glisten in the summer sun, whilst in winter it is often covered in a thick blanket of snow.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

5 Must-See Places in Eastern Europe

Source: Holidays to Dubrovnik 2017 / 2018 | Thomson

After the release of Game of Thrones, Dubrovnik has become an incredibly popular tourist destination and perhaps could be said to have put Croatia on the map. There is much to discover along the entire coastline of Croatia, though Dubrovnik in all of its old world charm is a logical place to start!

Kotor, Montenegro

5 Must-See Places in Eastern Europe

Source: YouTube

This Montenegrin city, already well-loved by Europeans, is at once romantic and exciting. From the perimeter of its ancient city walls to the medieval homes and historical monuments within, Kotor’s attractions are incomparable, best enhanced by a backdrop of a wide blue bay. Take a walk or guided tour of the ancient labyrinth-like streets or embark on a vigorous hike up the steep mountainsides.

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