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Fashion Trends That Won’t Go Away

There is nothing new under the sun. There is also definitely nothing new on catwalks or on racks in fashion stores, at least as far as a few trends are concerned.

Whether they are classic trends used again and again to great success by top designers and fashion houses, or cheap and decidedly not cheerful trends continually renewed by the fashion unconscious, they refuse to go away. The best and the worst of them are below.

  1. Flower Power

There must be something magnetic about flower power, because florals are here to stay. Whether bright and bold or fine and filigreed, floral prints, silk flowers, fresh or dried flowers, florals have been around for millennia.

Arguably one of the most powerful and versatile of all trends, it has its moment of glory in spring and summer collections. Quite frankly, florals are welcome to stay for as long as they like.

Floral fashion


  1. Plaid on Parade

Tartan or plaid is a fine fashion tradition that is, if you consider Scottish clan tartans, steeped in history. When used traditionally and tastefully, it is a trend worthy of coming back again and again (men in kilts – yes, please).

Unfortunately, there are also designers who take a devil-may-care attitude to plaid in garish, if not hideous, colours. Somehow, somewhere, those designers are being bred or brainwashed in great numbers to commit one of the worst crimes against fashion. They must be stopped.

  1. Inside Out

Underwear as outerwear. It is mostly a 90’s trend, but one that has resurfaced at an alarming rate.

A hint of lingerie peeping out from behind a collar or from a gap between buttons is more than enough. It hints at something, rather than splaying it out like something on a vivisection table. It can be glamorous, it can be alluring, and it can be very, very sexy. Strapping on a bra over a t-shirt? Not so much. Don’t do it.



  1. Bedazzling Denim

Denim is a classic fashion trend that has rocked us for decades. The trend has earned its right to stay.

Doing a DIY denim decoration job, however, is a trend that is interesting at best, and horrifying at worst. You can create unique pieces that will turn heads and create conversations for all the right reasons using a few, well-placed rhinestones, embroidery, badges, sew-on jewellery, and more.

Then again, you could go mad with a rhinestone applicator, and end up looking like a fun-fair ride forgotten in Hell’s red-light district. Remember, less is more.

  1. No-Hands Belt Satchel

You are probably wondering what on earth a no-hands belt satchel is. The chances are you already know what it is, but you know it by a different name.

In some parts of the world, they are known as moon-bags. In other parts of the world, they are known as fanny-packs. To those who try their best to perpetuate the nightmarish accessory, they are no-hands or hands-free belt satchels. If there is one fashion trend whose regular resurgence is absolutely and utterly mystifying, this is it.

Still, fashion, whether as wearable art or a holey band t-shirt bought at a concert 10 years ago, is all about self-expression. If you are comfortable walking around regardless of onlookers turning to stone at the sight of your no-hands belt satchel or luminescent pink plaid power suit, go for it.

Hip Satchel


Are there any fashion trends you would like to see make a come-back?