Mecca opens the world’s largest hotel

Mecca opens the world’s largest hotel

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Until now the largest hotel on the planet based on room count was First World Hotel in Malaysia with 7,351. But 2017 bring new and larger things like the Abraj Kudai in (wait for it) … Saudi Arabia!

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This hotel is set to have 15 million square feet of pure luxury in the Arabian Desert. Each year, more than 15 million people of the Muslim faith around the world make a spiritual pilgrimage to the sacred city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia. With so many visitors it’s only fitting for the city to build the largest hotel in the world.

With the unparalleled size, height, location, and architectural style, the Abraj Kudai hotel poses as a striking landmark with an intensely modern multifunctional identity that relates to both the Saudi area and the Islamic universality of its expected visitors.

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Source: Arabian Business

The Abraj Kudai has 12 towers that feature 10,000 Rooms, 70 restaurants, a large shopping mall, a lavish ballroom and 4 helipads. 10 of the towers will reportedly provide 4-star accommodations to the public (rich public). The other two will offer a 5-star experience catering to a more exclusive clientele. Five floors will be strictly off-limits to guests, as they will be reserved for the Saudi royal family.

Not only will the Abraj Kudai boast of the most number of hotel rooms, but also house one of the world’s largest domes atop its tallest tower.

The extravagant hotel is being funded by Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Finance and is set to cost a staggering US$3.5 billion (£2.7bn) to build.

Now tourists will be offered an unprecedented level of luxury at the Abraj Kudai hotel in Mecca.

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