Most expensive and luxurious items in the world

Do you have wads of cash lying around? Are you unsure of how to spend your excessive amount of money? Look no further. Fortune Lounge Club has a list of over-the-top ridiculous must-have items that will easily take your money off your hands.

These items, which are actually a necessity in most of our lives, have been upgraded to cater exclusively to people with too much money (if there is such a thing).

Staples – $175

Staples are a requirement in offices around the world, no matter your job title. So what really separates the office admin team from the directors? It’s the staples they use, of course. After all, are you even considered rich if your staples aren’t made of gold?


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Pizza – $1,000

You’re probably wondering how pizza made this list, well Nino’s Restaurant in New York offers a caviar (worth $900) and lobster pizza that costs $1,000. I don’t think you’ll be able to send this one back to the kitchen if you don’t like it.

Ninos Caviar Pizza

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Cigar – $1,150

There are some pleasures in life that really speak to an exclusive lifestyle, and one of them is smoking a hand-made cigar while sipping on your favourite cognac or whiskey. The Honduran Gurkha Black Dragon cigars were introduced in 2006. They are delivered to your door in a chest made of camel bone. Before you place your order, you should know that only 5 chests were ever produced.


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Backpack – $1,650

The Billionaire Boys Club have created four backpacks for children costing $1,650 each. In case the gold bag isn’t flashy enough for you, it also features symbols of diamonds and dollar signs.

Gold backpack

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Skateboard – $8,000

Do you think you’re the next Tony Hawk? Well, you should probably invest in a world-class skateboard before you challenge a world-class skateboarder. Louis Vuitton created three one-of-a-kind luxury skateboards for just over $8,000 for people who want to take the sport seriously.

louis vuitton skateboard

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Monopoly – $8,000

For those of you who prefer to stay indoors, Monopoly has created a calf-leather, silver, and gold Monopoly set, which is set in the city of London. The player pieces are made of pewter, and the game comes with leather dice cups and bank boxes. And no, it does not come with real money.

Monopoly board game

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Martini – $10,000

For $10,000 you can order an engagement ring martini. Also called the diamond-tini, this exclusive drink is served at the Blue Bar, Algonquin Hotel in New York. The martini is made with Grey Goose vodka and dry vermouth, and comes standard with an engagement ring resting gracefully at the bottom of the glass. According to the Hotel, about two to three people purchase this drink a year.

martini on the rock algonquin hotel new york

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Earphones – $15,000

Handmade by a Swedish goldsmith in Stockholm, these 18-carat earphones are available in regular gold or rose gold. It takes around 5 weeks and 25 grams for each piece to be created, so you better make sure that when you get them, you listen to worthy music.

Gold earphones

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Vacuum cleaner – $19,000

Let’s be honest, if you can afford a $19,000 vacuum cleaner, the chances are that you aren’t cleaning your own house, I mean mansion.  But why not have your staff clean you luxury pad with luxury equipment? The Crystal Ergoripado is encrusted with over 3,000 Swarovski crystals and is designed to make even the most mundane of tasks sparkle.

Swarovski crystal vacuum cleaner

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Belt buckle – $25,000

Have you ever looked down at your belt buckle and thought “Well that just won’t do.” How about a solid gold belt buckle instead? The buckle has hand-crafted bridges, cogs, wheels and springs, and is designed to offer a perfect fit. It is truly amazing what can be made from gold these days.

Gold belt buckle

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Knife – $40,000

For all the rich aspiring chefs out there, the Nesmuk Diamond Studded Chef Knife has been hand-crafted out of Damascus steel, with a handle studded in diamonds. Now that certainly makes the cut on our list of luxurious items.

Chef knife studded with diamonds

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Umbrella – $50,000

If your hair is too perfect for even a drop of rain, fear not. Italian luxury brand Billionaire Couture has created a line of crocodile skin umbrellas that will keep you completely dry, including your bank account.

Leather umbrella

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Toilet seat – $250,000

Have you ever sat on your toilet and felt that it would be more comfortable if it were made of carbon fibre? Well, each to their own.

carbon fiber toilet seat

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Chess set – $600,000

This opulent Chess Set by Charles Hollander costs over half a million dollars, and is encased in 320 carats of black and white diamonds. Only seven of these sets have been created, so if you are a true lover of chess, maybe you should consider buying the most exclusive chess set available.

Diamond chess set

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Champagne – $1.8 Million

Champagne is already considered one of life’s luxuries, but the most luxurious champagne around is the French Gout de Diamants. The champagne is a mix of Grand Cru Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunie. The bottle features an 18-carat white gold logo and a 19-carat diamond in the centre, which is certainly a bottle worth recycling.

French champagne Gout de Diamants

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Speakers – $2 Million

What better way to block out the rest of the world then by playing your favourite music on some of the world’s most expensive speakers? The Transmission Audio Ultimate System weighs over 5 tons, span nearly 40 feet, and are made out of aircraft aluminum.

Transmission Audio Ultimate speakers

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Television – $2.5 Million

Watch your favourite programmes in style on this hand sewn alligator skin studded PrestigeHD Supreme Rose Edition TV, which comes standard with hundreds of diamonds. It has supposedly been designed to ensure your viewing pleasure, whether it is switched on or off.

TV Prestige HD Supreme Rose

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Piano – $3.22 Million

Are you a lover of musical instruments? Fancy your hand at piano? The Heintzman Crystal piano is 9 feet long and was made in Beijing exclusively for aspiring millionaire musicians.

Heintzman Piano

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Bikini – $30 Million

Created by Susan Rosen, this $30 Million bikini has 150-carats of flawless diamonds set in platinum, including a 30-carat emerald cut. It was reported that in 2010, Tiger Woods mysteriously purchased the bikini for an unknown recipient. For that price, let’s hope she likes it.

Diamond bikini

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Yacht – $4.5 Billion

If you are really stuck with what to do with your excessive amounts of money, you could always invest in an enormous gold yacht. The History Supreme is made with over 100,000 kg of gold and is decorated with dinosaur bones and meteorites to name a few. How it doesn’t sink to the bottom of the ocean is a mystery.

Gold Yacht History Supreme

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