Most Expensive Haunted houses

Most Expensive Haunted houses

With Halloween lurking around the corner, we thought it would be a great idea to hunt-down the scariest yet most expensive haunted houses around the world.

Thanks to the magic of reality television and reality paranormal documentaries, fans of horror movies are able to follow the ghost hunters into some of the scariest houses around the world as they search for the supernatural that may or may not be present. Some haunted houses are small homes but others are mansions and castles that only the ultra-wealthy can afford. Curious to find out more?

Follow our list of top 5 most expensive haunted houses around the world:

Amityville House – Value $1.15 million

Most Expensive Haunted houses


Located in New York, the Amityville House has been the centre of many movies and books regarding paranormal activity. Back in 1974, the resident at the time, Ronald DeFeo Jr. had killed all six of his family members while they were asleep. One year later, the Lutz family moved into the home and left only 28 days later due to the walls oozing, furniture moving, doors slamming and offensive smells.

Lalaurie House – Value $2.3 million


This New Orleans home, which was purchased in 1831, was owned by a couple that had many slaves which were treated poorly. In 1834, a fire broke out and all the slaves were killed. The guests that stay in this location have claimed to hear sounds including screams, as well as a ghost that walks on the balcony. Interesting fact, the actor Nicolas Cage owned this particular home.

Sleepy Hollow Mansion – Value $8.9 million

5 most expensive haunted houses

Source: Pinterest

This New York estate inspired Washington Irving to write “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.” Even better, the eight bedrooms, eight bath mansion just got a price reduction to $8.9 million.

Schweppe Mansion – Value $12 million

Most Expensive Haunted houses

Source: Romancing the Home

After the sudden death and suicide of its homeowners—Chicago socialites Laura Shedd and Charles H. Schweppe— the 24,500-square-foot home went empty for almost 50 years. There were tales that the couple’s ghosts roamed its halls. Soon after the home was purchased and renovated, the 10 bedrooms, 15 bathroom estate went into foreclosure.

The White House ($110 Million)

Most Expensive Haunted houses

Source: PBS

The ghost hunters of reality TV might have a tough time gaining access to this alleged haunted house, but more than one person has ghost stories involving The White House. Abigail Adams, wife of President John Adams is set to be the oldest ghost but the most famous may be Abraham Lincoln. Past presidents and heads of state report having seen or felt the presence of Lincoln. Other spiritual inhabitants include Thomas Jefferson who plays his violin and British soldiers who are seen roaming the halls.

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