Most expensive mobile phones in the world 2017

Sizzling both in features and looks, these phones stand for both style and class.

Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot ($ 1 million)

most expensive mobile phones

Source: Millionaire Toys Global

Mostly made with 200-year old African black-wood (considers one of the most expensive woods all over the world), black diamond and 180 grams of gold that frames luxurious device. Unfortunately, this mobile phone has no so much specifications and features as many other smartphones have.

Diamond Crypto Smartphone ($ 1.3 million)

 expensive mobile phones in the world 2017

Source: Live Life Clever

Diamond Crypto Smartphone is actually a window based smart handset made for all rich and high profile people who just use this type of expensive mobile phone because power encryption technology mostly used for the protection of information because it is a secure mobile device software. This Diamond Crypto device is made of with 50 diamonds and will set you back $1.3 million.

GoldVish Le Million ($ 1.3 million)

most expensive mobile phones 2017

Source: South China Morning Post

GoldVish Le Million named one of the bestselling cellular handsets in the word.  The ‘Le million’ is the marvellous creation of well-known designer Emmanuel Gueit who has produced a number of luxury watches and jewellery. It is made of 18k white gold and 20 carats of VVS1 diamonds.

iPhone 3G King’s Button ($ 1.5 million)

10 most expensive mobile phones

Source: Top 10 Wiki

Would you like a 6.6 carats diamond button on your iPhone? Well, Peter Aloisson from Austria, 3G King’s Button design features 138 diamonds placed around the front side of the phone. And the most stunning white diamond of 6.6 carats dishes up the home screen button. It is the most eye-catching creation by Apple.

iPhone 5 Black Diamond ($15.3 Million)

10 most expensive mobile phones

source: René Sabino

Highly ant-anticipated creation iPhone 5 Black Diamond has become the alternative of the Supreme iPhone 3G. Cupertino, California based American multinational technology company priced the device at $15.3 Million. Apple used gold, diamonds and several other classy stones which makes it one of the most exclusive handsets ever creation by Apple.

Falcon SuperNova Pink Diamond iPhone 6 ($95.5 Million)

10 most expensive mobile phones

source: Rich and Richer

One of the latest but most classy handsets in the world is the Falcon Super Nova Pink Diamond iPhone 6. This device is composed of a single but large-sized 18-carat diamond that makes it ultra-chic and stylish.

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