20 Cities in 20 Days around the Globe

VIP travel: 20 Cities in 20 Days around the Globe

Have the VIP travel experience with DreamMaker

Most of us can only dream of our next holiday, let alone a luxury 20-day trip around the world valued at £11 million. But for the mega-rich, we guess the sky’s the limit.

Passport to 50

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Dream Maker, an Australian travel boutique, has created an itinerary for a world trip aboard the Boeing 767 jetliner. The 20-day trip, called Passport to 50, will cover 20 different cities. As indicated by the name, you can enjoy the most luxurious travel tip with 50 friends or family members. Facilities offered will include in-flight yoga sessions, fashion shows, hypnotherapy, gourmet food, and more.

As part of this global travel experience, you will cover over approximately 50,000 kilometres /31,069 miles. But don’t think for a second you will be spending most of the time in the air and not enjoying a great time on the ground. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. With Dream Maker ultra-luxurious, you’ll only be in the air about 12% of the time. The main objective is for you to visit the amazing cities, and not be rushed.

20 Cities in 20 Days around the Globe

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The custom-fitted Boeing 767 aeroplane, of course, will offer flat beds for sleeping, numerous luxury amenities and chef-inspired cuisine. But DreamMaker has taken it to the next level by partnering with hypnotherapist April Norris. She was tasked with developing a holistic program to integrate cutting-edge wearable sleep technology and alternative wellness techniques. For example, hypnotherapy, Ayurvedic medicine, and Reiki healing.

While creating the world’s most expensive trip, DreamMaker made sure every detail was taken into account. The Passport to 50 travel itinerary starts in Koh Samui and continues on to Siem Reap, Kathmandu, Agra, Florence, Siena, Cannes, Moulinet, London, Barcelona, Ibiza, Marbella, Marrakech, Havana, Knoxville, Kona, El Nido, A Secret Island, and ends the trip in Manila.

luxury at its best

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Highlights of this once in a lifetime travel experience include – a one-to-one ratio of guest to staff, a USD $500,000 charity poker tournament with the world’s top-ranked poker player in the air, and a hotel which will rebrand its identity to “Hotel 50”. Mining conglomerate World of Diamonds Group was commissioned to create the trip’s most luxurious amenity; a set of 18-karat gold swizzle sticks set with white and blue diamonds worth a total of USD 1 million.

charity poker tournament

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If Passport to 50 is for you, you can make your plans now and book a luxury trip of a lifetime. It is scheduled for August of 2017.

world’s most expensive trip

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